Not quite the plan

on finding my groove as a 30 something single girl and caregiver for mom with dementia

Fresh bread.


What makes us happy?  For Mom, one of the basic items that consistently leads to happiness is freshly baked bread.  At some point she started requesting the good bakery loaves every time we went to the grocery store, and talking regularly about the bread that her mother used to bake.  Her mother, my grandmother, baked fresh bread daily and memories of that are a fond part of Mom’s childhood.  though my grandmother died when I was quite young, bread making is so linked to Grandma that the smell of yeast brings up a powerful memory of her even for me.

So after a month or two of buying lots of fresh bakery bread, and hunting in vain for a really great bakery, I logged on to Amazon one day and ordered us a bread maker.  I was so excited, which entertained Mom.

Well, she was entertained right up to the point where I started pulling out steaming, fresh bread and then she just was happy.  Eating my bread, which she uses my name to describe, is a daily highlight for her.  It’s satisfying for me to have found such a simple way to tap into good feelings for her of being nurtured and cared for.  We eat a lot of bread and butter together these days, just like she did as a child.  And even for me who is being influenced as so many of us are by the notion that cutting down on gluten might be a good choice, I have to admit that fresh bread is rather amazingly delicious.  Especially when eaten late at night with a happy Mom.


Author: notquitetheplan

I am a mid-30s single girl, trying to climb the ladder, get a date... and make sure Mom takes her meds. It's not where I expected to be. But it's where I am and this blog is about embracing that.

2 thoughts on “Fresh bread.

  1. “It’s satisfying for me to have found such a simple way to tap into good feelings for her of being nurtured and cared for.” What a beautiful connection for you and your mom.

  2. Life is never as we planned it. It takes so many detours that we have not control over. My husband, like you mom, used to have those unfiltered moments; look at that fat person, there won’t be any food left for us when in a resturant, move your fat ass; etc. He can not follow story lines on TV anymore. However, we continue to watch it at a volumn that allows neighbors to just watch their picture and save the sound. I do find it interesting that favorite foods are no longer the favorite making it harder to find meals to fix. Fortunately, my husband is not a wanderer – yet. My heart goes out to you and I wish you the best on this journey. Hope we can learn for each others journey through our blog.

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