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on finding my groove as a 30 something single girl and caregiver for mom with dementia

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Mom, unfiltered.

Somehow I made it through several adult years without knowing that Mom had a major crush on Pierce Brosnan.  The other day we were in Target looking at $5 movie rack movies since I try to keep a stock for Mom.  (Operating the streaming options on our TV is confusing to her so actual DVDs are the way to go!)

What did Mom want?  A set of the three Pierce Brosnan James Bond films.  We picked up a few other films as well but when we got home, it was Golden Eye that went straight into play.  She has watched the Thomas Crown affair more times than I can count.  It cracks me up, especially because Mom has tended to be quite proper so seeing her just go full force with her actor crush is kind of cute. 

Some of the ways that dementia can pull away a bit of her usual filter can be inappropriate.  She often comments to me about overweight people around us for instance.  Recently in a grocery store she started demonstrating to me how pregnant someone down the aisle was by placing her arms out as if to circle a huge pregnant belly.  But there is something refreshing too about seeing Mom’s thoughts and impressions expressed so directly. 

That Pierce Brosnan sure is nice looking.  Let’s watch him again.