Not quite the plan

on finding my groove as a 30 something single girl and caregiver for mom with dementia

Lost in Target.


So, I am in Target, frantically running through the aisles looking for Mom.  Just a moment ago, she was hanging out near me while I looked for a couple of new t-shirts for the summer.  And, then she was gone.  It took me a few minutes of looking before I started toward full scale panic.  I kept expecting to see her right around a corner but she apparently can move faster than I realized.

One of the clerks tells me that she can page my mother but I would give her all of a 2% chance of responding correctly to a page.

And mid-run, I realize, I have never seen anyone else running like a wacko through the aisles of Target looking for their mother.  Clearly, I lack all competence at this project.

Mom turns up a minute later near a bunch of beach towels.  Naturally.  She has found a new beach towel and is very pleased since we are going to the beach.  I appreciate this since I took her last weekend to the beach for mother’s day, so it is satisfying that it made enough of an impression that Mom remembers the trip a week later.  We will be going to the beach again this summer since it seemed to be a great outing.

We are home safe now with a Pierce Brosnan movie playing, but with a new level of awareness for me to watch Mom as closely as possible.


Author: notquitetheplan

I am a mid-30s single girl, trying to climb the ladder, get a date... and make sure Mom takes her meds. It's not where I expected to be. But it's where I am and this blog is about embracing that.

6 thoughts on “Lost in Target.

  1. I can only imagine the panic you must have felt. I am glad it didn’t take long to find your mom. Does she have a medical alert bracelet or necklace in the event she does get separated from you for a time? My mom has one that allows first responders (police or EMT’s) access to a phone number or website that lists all pertinent information like who she is, her medical conditions, emergency contact information, medicines and insurance.

  2. I was also thinking about a gps based bracelet or necklace or one from the Alzheimer’s association that would help you find your mom if she disappears. I considered one for dad but so far have not purchased anything since he doesn’t like to go outside and stays near me when we go out for lunch. Still, something like that might be a good idea for all of us to think about.

  3. My blood pressure went up just reading this!

  4. My dad used to wander away just as easily. It really does become like watching a child, and not taking your eyes off of them even for a moment! So glad there was a happy ending in this case.

  5. This is one of my best ( and scariest 😱) stories, as I lost my Nana in the mall. Trust me you really are NOT the only one running through Target!

  6. Thanks for saying that I am not the only person running through Target, Cathy. 🙂 Responding to a few of these comments, I do have a bracelet for Mom with emergency info attached but it does not seem ideal for things to get to the stage that it would actually be used.

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